You know what they say about birds of a feather…

Meet the Freebird Collective.

Rebecca Kirstein

Business Development

Rebecca believes for business to be successful, it must be community-centric to succeed. It’s about people, profit, and planet. Collaboration instead of competition.

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Anna McKenzie

BK Studios | Photographers

Anna loves to photograph people and help them relax in front of a camera . She believes you are your brand, and your brand needs a face to inspire clients to relate to you.

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Frances Kinloch

Marketing Consultant

Frances believes the key to your business growth is to create and implement a strategic marketing plan. She helps you envision the big picture and move forward intelligently and confidently.

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Niki Campbell

Light Your Fire

Niki is passionate about creating an effortless user experience for your website visitors. As an expert web developer with years of experience, her priority is to make things work – simply and intuitively.

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Kim Timothy

Boutique By Design

Kim is excited to help businesses create memorable brands with remarkable visual elements. She is a creative director who specializes in branding, graphics & web design.

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JUHLi SELBy Social Media

JUHLi is enthusiastic about spreading the love and joy of social media.
She offers training and strategy for using a variety of social media platforms to build your business.

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We are a fabulous flock of branding and marketing experts who share a vision. We see every business – no matter what size, nature, or years of experience – represented by your own one-of-a-kind brand story that is exceptional, relevant, and strategic.

We know branding matters.

We also know branding is not just about a snazzy logo. Or a kick-butt website. Or hot photography. Or alluring web content. Or brilliant advertising. Or up-to-the-minute social media engagement. Or networking know-how.

And even though the Freebirds are experts in all these areas, we know that branding only matters if it brings YOU more business. Branding only matters if your customers get it, if they love it and if they come back for more of whatever it is that put you on the map.